Lavender Fields

This essentialoil helps with relaxation, improves mood, and help with the healing of burns and cuts. Lavender oil, in particular, is known to be an effective sleep aid because of its ability to leave you feeling relaxed and calm. Enjoy.

Buena Vista Lavender Essential Oil

SKU: EO-1001
  • With over 300 varieties of lavender, this is our favorite.

    • 1 cobalt blue, 1/2 oz. glass bottle.

    Buena Vista is a compact English Lavender with deep blue bi-colored flowers. It is a hard-to-find, twice blooming cultivar flower. Steam distilled, this essential oil is an antioxidant, antimicrobial, sedative, and antidepressant. It is one of the cleanest, purest lavenders you will smell.