Everyone is welcome to take photos of the field with your phone. Please hashtag #bateslavernderfarm. We love seeing your photos on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Every year brings more amazing photos and we genuinely love them all.


Professional Photographers: We love you and really love seeing your work on social media. Please hashtag us at #bateslavenderfarm. We don’t charge but do appreciate donations to help keep the farm beautiful.  


If you can stop by the stand before you begin, and check in and afterwards with your clients, that’s a plus. We’d like you to sign our photographers guest book. If you have a larger group, please call Ginger (503-997-3488) or Kevin (503-997-3487) to set up a date and time for your shoot. We usually recommend before we open or after we close. We discourage photographic equipment, lighting and props during our open hours as it discourages our normal visitors to stop in.