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Did Someone Say New Products?

Harvested Bundles by Becca Senda

Bates Lavender Farm has been officially open for just under two months. Since the opening, we have seen over 300 people! Visitors come from local towns just around the corner and some come from all the way across the country! What a blessing it is to share this love of lavender with a growing clientele.

Flowering Lavender by Becca Senda

As we move out of lavender season and settle into the end of summer, we will be harvesting like CRAZY! With such a large harvest anticipated, we will have new products coming! Among these new products, you can expect a peppermint / lavender lip balm, a surprise new soap, and travel size Spritz for on-the-go! We will also be offering Lavender Honey for a limited time.

On behalf of all of us at Bates Lavender Farm, we want to give a special shout-out and BIG thank you to our local Corbett market and fruit stand that have been selling our products and referring people to our humble farm. The support from the Corbett community has been phenomenal.

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