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It's Hand Balm Making Time

It’s production time for our popular hand and body balms.

At Bates Lavender Farm, nestled amidst the serene Corbett countryside, we take pride in crafting exquisite hand balms that not only nourish your skin but also soothe your senses. Our hand balms are meticulously handmade in small batches to ensure utmost quality and freshness.

Each balm is carefully formulated with a blend of natural ingredients like shea butter, olive oil, and bees wax, chosen for their moisturizing and healing properties. Our non-greasy formula absorbs quickly, providing instant relief for dry, cracked hands, while leaving behind a subtle, lingering scent of lavender, rose, lilac or pear.

Whether you're a hardworking gardener, a busy professional, or simply seeking a moment of self-care, our hand balms are the perfect companion for your daily skincare routine. Treat yourself to the luxury of Bates Lavender Farm's hand balms and experience the difference that natural, handcrafted skincare can make.

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